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SQUIRRELa local leaflet distribution service
  1. How much notice is needed to carry out a leaflet distribution?
    We need at least 14 days’ notice from the time of a confirmed booking to organise an efficient distribution.

  3. How do I get my products or leaflets to Local Squirrel so that they can be distributed?
    We will give you clear delivery instructions once your order is confirmed.

  5. How will I know that my leaflets have been distributed?
    You can request checklists for the distributions. In this case, we will carry out the checks in the delivery area, to ensure efficient distribution. You will receive these checklists after the delivery has been completed.

  7. How long will it take for my leaflets to be delivered?
    This depends on the distribution method and the quantities involved. If the delivery is expected to require longer than one week, we will discuss this with you when you make your booking.


  9. What are the typical response rates?
    Successful response to a leaflet depends on various factors, so there are no ‘typical’ response rates. However, research by the Direct Marketing Association shows that: 

    • 62-71% of consumers find door drops useful.
    • 48% have visited a store, bought a product or sent for information as a result of a door drop.
    • 79% keep, pass on, read or glance at door drops