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consider the facts

People pay more attention to door drops than they do to TV or press ads

  • 17% take time over press ads

People tend to read papers for news and views more than anything else. In fact, 4 out of 5 say they tend to flick quickly over press ads.

  • 32% take notice of TV ads

Awareness of TV ads is high and people tend to watch them for their entertainment value. But it’s a medium that relies on repetition to make its mark and 62% of consumers claim to take little notice of them.

  • 74% glace or read door drops

Door drops work on a different level and have far more impact than you might think. Whilst press and TV involve passive participation, door drops are more direct and demand attention. People have to pick them up and therefore become actively involved, giving your message a greater chance to cut-through.

  • 62% keep door drops for at least a day

Contrary to popular belief, most door drops do not go straight in to the bin. By picking it up, the reader becomes instantly involved and in the majority of cases the item is put aside to read or refer to later. In fact, 62% on consumers have acted on a door drop.

  • People find them useful and use them, even those who claim not to like them!

62-71% admit finding samples, coupons and offers increasingly helpful as a way of saving money, with free samples the most popular. In fact, 10% think door drops offer more value today than 9 years ago. Also, amongst those who claim to dislike and reject door drops, over 50% admit they can be useful.

Source: DMA